Castle and Sword

Acrylic on art board, June 2006

Fantasy painting created for an ex-colleague, the idea being the painting could be used as a template for a larger wall painting.


The Cloven Hoof

Acrylic on art board, July 2006

Re-creation of a pub sign prop as used in an episode of the UK TV series Dr Who (The Daemons.)

The original pub sign prop was loaned to the Blue Boar pub, Aldbourne, where the TV location work was shot. The original was then returned to the BBC and a reproduction was given to the pub in return. This reproduction was sold to a "group of Dr Who fans." At present another, smaller reproduction hangs in the pub.

This is my own version of the painting, based on the original TV version and the BBC reproduction.



UFO Warminster

Acrylic on art board, July 2006

A commision for the author of the book, UFO Warminster. He wanted a piece of art similar, but not the same as, the photo art cover of the book The Warminster Mystery.

The art was intended to be used as the book's cover art, instead a digital composition was used.


The Plague of Lychwood

Acrylic on Board, August 2006

Artwork for DVD cover of the VortX Productions fan film The Plague of Lychwood. Very limited number created for cast and crew only.

The style of the painting was inspired by Chris Achilleos' artwork as seen on the 1970s Target Dr Who book covers.


TARDIS with Black Crystals

Acrylic on art board, 20" x 16", December 2006

A commision for a friend. She wanted a picture of the TARDIS from Dr Who set in a foreboding alien landscape.


All images are © Paul Vought